Rental Conditions

– Rentals are equipped with: USCG life jackets (per occupant), a throwable cushion, a fire extinguisher, ready/set anchor, mooring ropes, bumpers, skier-down flag, safety whistle and operational safety cut-off lanyard.

-The rental prices quoted do not include sales tax.

– Your rental will come with a full gas tank. Fuel is not included in the rental price and the price to fill the tank on your return, or during your rental time, will be a separate additional charge.

-You should allow 20 minutes prior to departure, and also at your return, for check-in and check-out. Arriving late will cut into your time on the water or if you return your rental after the agreed upon time, you may be charged additional fees.

-Renter must possess a valid and current Driver’s License.

-If you were born after January 1,1984, you must possess a Boating Safety ID Card to operate any vessel on Missouri lakes and it must be present at check-in. You can find more info at Safety Education Classes ( and

Renters must be at least 21 years of age to rent a boat.

-The customer is fully responsible for damages incurred during the rental period to the vessel along with any replacement of missing or damaged equipment. The initiation of charges will start from the collected deposit.

-Rental hours begin at 9:00a and must be completed, at the Marina, by 6:00p, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Security Deposits

We will collect a security deposit for your rental at the time of booking.  This deposit will be held until your rental is returned and checked in.  Should any of the conditions listed below be of issue, then the renter is at risk for loss of deposit and the initiation of charges will start from the collected deposit on file.

Damage to vessel or motor, lost equipment (ie.,life jackets, throwable cushion, ropes, anchor, prop, bumpers, fire extinguisher etc.), damage to interior of vessel, or equipment on vessel such as steering, throttle, stereo etc.  We will inspect the vessel with you at departure and again upon your return.

If you take your rental beyond the designated boundaries, you may forfeit your deposit.  In addition, if you go beyond the designated boundary and encounter a problem, you will be responsible for getting the vessel back into the boundary or back to the Marina.

Cancellation Policy

Rentals will be paid in full, at the Marina, upon your check-in.  If you need to cancel your booking, you will need to call the Marina and provide a minimum 48-hour notice for a full deposit refund.  24-hour notices will be refunded up to 50% of the deposit and any notice less than 24-hours will not be refunded.


Vessels are not allowed past the 16mm and 23mm of the Main Channel and no further than the 11mm of the Grand Glaize Arm.